I am profoundly fascinated by shapes, colours and perspectives that present themselves before my eye. Behind my camera, I allow them through the lense, imprinting an image that reflects the beauty of my perceived reality.

Strongly inspired by human interaction, I am constantly looking for ways to create spaces which allow me to capture a person’s entirety - their personality, creativity and powerful uniqueness.

Equally compelling for me is the work of capturing a product’s singularity. While highlighting texture and appearance, I aim to intensify the specific atmosphere an object or situation evokes, initiating a close relationship between the observed and observer.

While being an artistic perfectionist, I deeply value creative spontaneity. I search for the perfect shot until I see an image I believe has the power to inspire and attract the viewer.

I have been studying in academies and universities in Vienna, Paris, London and Leipzig and am now working as certified commercial photographer. 


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